A Day in the Life

Daniels Academy - A Therapeutic Boarding School for Boys with Neurological Differences
Daniels Academy - A Day in the Life

Our boarding school for boys has been specifically designed for our young men to fit their individual needs and learning differences. We’ve developed an optimum environment for growth balancing autonomy, structure, consistency, predictability, routine, and self-structure. Our authentic daily schedule generalizes the skills our students learn here at Daniels Academy into their future.


7:30 am: Wake Up and Morning Routine.

Rise & shine and be awesome! The young men practice healthy self-care habits and enjoy a nutritious breakfast.

8:45 am: Morning Preview Group

A student led morning group is held where the day is previewed and outlined and then students set personal goals for the day.


9:00 am: Transition to School

Time to catch the bus and head to our Academic Building in town. This normalized experience helps our young men learn the differing contexts they will be faced with after Daniels Academy.

9:15 am: School Begins

The young men we work with at Daniels Academy are intelligent. They need to be challenged and engaged in their learning. Our innovative academics does just that through project-based learning. This allows us to tailor our academics to cater to each individual’s learning disabilities or differences.


11:30 am: Gym Time at the Local Recreation Center

The students have spent the morning training their intellect, time to challenge them physically! Our gym is the community gym because our young men need authentic exposure. Indoor turf fields for soccer and kickball, several basketball courts, tennis courts, racquetball courts… if you stop in around noon, you will find our young men engaged.

12:30 pm: Lunch Break

Another delicious and heart-healthy meal served by our chef, and we mean chef. Have you ever seen a tomato carved to look like a flower? The young men at Daniels Academy have! During this lunch break, our developmentally ready students are encouraged to head into town to select their own lunch again challenging their skills in a new setting!


1:30 pm: Afternoon Classes

Back to the classroom to further their brilliance!

3:00 pm: Group Therapy Sessions

Twice a week the young men at our boarding school meet together for process group to discuss more healthy and effective ways of getting along as a community. Once a week this group meets together to learn, discuss, and practice Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills.


4:00 pm: Back to Home for some Student-Directed Time

Our young men need the opportunity to practice self-structuring their time in healthy and effective ways. Every day we intentionally build in Student-directed Time where students are able to select what they want to do based upon their personal needs and wants. This may be heading back to the recreation center for some rock climbing, going on a walk, playing games with peers, listening to music and reading book… this is the time for boys to do what they need!

5:30 pm: Delicious Dinner Time

Another delicious prepared meal from our chefs. We utilize a heart healthy diet and challenge our young men to expand their food choices – slowly but surely!


6:30 pm: Evening Activities

Every night our boys are engaged in a structured activity. Once a week they enjoy our esteemed Recreation Therapy programs where we challenge our young men through adventure activities of their choosing. Also once a week our young men participate in Service Night, Community Night, Clubs, and Study Hall.

9:00 pm: Reflection

Every evening our young men meet together as rooms and reflect upon the day in a student led reflection group. They review how they did on the goals they set in the morning and highlight times they were effective and areas where they could improve.


10:00 pm: Lights Out!

Lights out and time for some much needed rest after a full day of skill development!