What We Do

At Daniels Academy we recognize the significant impact and challenges of raising a son who has mild Autism Spectrum Disorder or a related diagnostic presentation; we appreciate the strengths that working through and struggling through the challenges have created in the family system. Our goal is to utilize those strengths as we assist the young men at Daniels Academy in learning to become more effective, healthy, and functional in their everyday lives and in their families. Our boys’ boarding school provides ongoing, residential treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder in a safe, nurturing setting.

Through our four pillars, Executive Functioning skills, Life Skills, Emotion Regulation skills, and Social Learning, our young men can focus on the development of skills they need to develop. Our treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder allows students to reside in a home environment that:

  • reduces stress
  • assists in developing coping skills and social skills
  • helps increase flexibility and reduce rigidness
  • allows internalization and generalization of skills learned

Our Four Pillars are exemplified through every aspect of daily life for the young men at Daniels Academy boys’ boarding school, including:



Adventure Learning

Adventure Learning

Residential Life
Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder

In every department of our boys’ boarding school, young men develop meaningful relationships with mentors, including teachers, therapists, and residential advisers who provide ongoing treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder and:

  • praise and encourage
  • empathize and teach reciprocity
  • listen reflectively
  • are fair minded
  • are consistent
  • are predictable
  • are loving
  • trust the effective established processes of Daniels Academy

The homelike environment of our boys’ boarding school, and our active involvement in our local community, allow us to teach interpersonal effectiveness skills that advance the success of the young men we serve as they practice and demonstrate those skills in the (safe) Daniels Academy Home and in the (unpredictable) local community and sometimes national or international community. We value and celebrate those successes. We see the truly unlimited potential of these young men and enjoy the process of guiding them in recognizing this fact and learning the skills that will serve them across their lifetime. We recognize and respect the trust placed in us by parents and professionals, and are determined to demonstrate as we ask our young men to demonstrate that this trust is deserved and warranted.