Recreation Therapy

Adventure Learning at Its Best

Students participate in adventure therapy activities weekly and camp on a monthly basis as part of our offered autism spectrum therapies. Daniels Academy believes recreation and adventure produce important and meaningful experiences for young men. Many students come to Daniels Academy with a past of failure and low self-worth. Through our adventure education program students learn outdoor recreational skills and experience powerful mastery experiences implanting these newly learned skills.

Our ego-building adventure therapy activities component is designed to teach students a host of skills and values. Adventure recreation ties in with autism spectrum therapies by teaching skills such as preparation, patience and diligence and strengthens self-concept, confidence and community reliance.

Adventure Education

While students engage in a variety of autism spectrum therapies and adventure therapy activities at Daniels Academy, they primarily develop skills in rock climbing, mountain biking, winter sports, and backcountry trekking.  Many of our students develop significant skills in one or more of these adventure education activities.

Safety is the greatest priority when it comes to adventure education, and Daniels Academy goes to great lengths to ensure that every activity is carefully led by qualified individuals following a thorough risk management plan.


Not everyone enjoys the thrill of rock climbing or maybe the patience of fishing. We understand our students are as diverse as the great outdoors so our adventure therapy activities program is built around providing choice for our students. Each season change our students are given multiple choices for what skill base to learn. Daniels Academy students will then practice these skills weekly with trained staff. Students participate in monthly recreation excursions to practice the skills they’ve been learning. Then at the end of the season, students put all their adventure education skills to work on a mastery trip.

Example Adventure Education Activities:

Spring: rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking.

Summer: canyoneering, backpacking, fishing.

Fall: orienteering, horse back riding, wilderness skills.

Winter: snow skiing, snow boarding, snow shoeing.