Richard Casdorph, ACMHC

A native of the West Virginia area, my accent normally gives me away. Though I have run a military dealership, managed a horse ranch, as well as some commercial properties; I realized early in my adult life that I loved journeying with people. So I left the WV and ventured to Colorado and committed my time and effort to help people living in homeless shelters and halfway houses in the Denver region. From Colorado, I journeyed to California and began working with teens and their families suffering from mental health issues, crises, and addiction.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with family and find a full life enjoying my children and grandchildren. I love motorcycles, high country experiences (especially in the Rockies), good food, and I am a bit of a “gym rat.” My mantra around staying healthy is, “you must live close to your heart and follow your natural design…your destiny. “