Nick Myers

Nick has worked at Daniels Academy for over three years. He has worked at both homes during his time with Daniels, and he has strived to build healthy, professional rapport with the young men under his care while also providing them with the tools they need for future success. Nick has maintained positions as a residential coach, assistant shift lead, and shift lead, and he has worked closely with the therapists in providing quality care our young men. He has also participated in a number of trips with our young men, and he has helped to make these trips into meaningful experiences that our young men will remember and cherish for years to come.

Nick is currently working to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Family Studies, with plans to go on to graduate school in Neuropsychology. Nick originally started his college career in Mechanical Engineering with plans to go into Biomedical Engineering. It wasn’t until Nick started working with Daniels that he realized that he wanted to make the shift to working with people and helping them work through the neurological and psychological difficulties they experience. In both of these majors, there is a common thread of wanting to provide a service or care that would directly benefit and improve the lives of others; this is a core quality of what Nick looks for and hopes to contribute in his work and career.

Nick enjoys everything from board games to mountain biking. He has a wide variety of interests in both indoor and outdoor settings, and he is very open to trying new things. Nick is also a tinkerer and a handyman, and he enjoys working with his hands to build, construct, and repair various things ranging from vehicles to computers, phones, and televisions. Nick has been married for over three years to his beautiful wife who is also going into Neuropsychology. He is the proud owner of a Bearded Dragon named Calcifer, and he has a love for all sorts of animals and reptiles.