Marisa Davis

Marisa Davis currently nestles in Sandy, Ut with her daughter and dog, Bandi. She started her career working in residential treatment centers in 2005, holding various different positions including medical coordinating, residential staff, residential staff supervisor, business development and marketing, and admissions director. However, her most recent accomplishment was helping open a residential treatment center in 2018 for autistic students. This experience further deepened her desire to work within the autistic community, helping families find a safe and supportive environment for their autistic child while allowing them to learn and grow into happy and independent young adults. Marisa has a passion for working with families to help them find the right path to getting their child the help they need and has found her calling in her career as Admissions Director for Daniels Academy.

Originally from Washington State, Marisa has a passion for anything outdoors, live music, snowboarding, and is always looking for the next adventure to be had. When not working, you can find Marisa outside, living her best life with her really cool daughter and their favorite pup Bandi.